Photo of Lisa M. Gerry

Lisa M. Gerry has written about mental health, meditation, activism, entertainment, travel, science, and more for publications including National Geographic Traveler, Teen Vogue, VeryWell Mind, Forbes,, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Woman’s Day.

She is the author of 15 National Geographic Kids books, including 100 Ways to Be Thankful, 100 Ways to Make the World Better, and Water! Why Every Drop Counts and How You Can Start Making Waves To Protect It, with more on the way.

She is also a project editor (including for National Geographic bookazines like The Moon, Titanic, and Everyday Mindfulness), ghost writer, and fiction writer. She is an adept interviewer and has spoken with scientists, explorers, activists, entertainers, authors, and other experts.

Lisa is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and is currently writing her first novel.